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Months in Korean

Learn how to say months in Korean

Here we will tell you how to say all 12 months in Korean, so you can use it in your korean practice. This section will be a fourth part of our “Daily Korean Vocabulary“, which we had started with basic verbs.
This list will also be shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts – 1 word per day), so you can learn new Korean words and update your vocabulary every day!

Korean Romanization Meaning
1 일월 il-wol January
2 이월 ee-wol February
3 삼월 sam-wol March
4 사월 sa-wol April
5 오월 o-wol May
6 유월 yu-wol June
7 칠월 chil-wol July
8 팔월 pal-wol August
9 구월 ku-wol September
10 시월 si-wol October
11 십일월 shib-il-wol November
12 십이월 shib-ee-wol December
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