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Learn Native Korean Numbers

Before you start into deep korean learning, it is a good thing to get korean numbers at first.
In korean language there are 2 types of numbers systems, which are used daily:

  • Sino Korean Numbers
  • and Native Korean Numbers

They both are daily used in all types of conversations, seperately and combined. It migth be a bit confusing, but do not worry about it now, just focus on learning both korean numbers systems.

Here is a basic list of Native Korean numbers.

Number in Hangul Romanization
1 하나 hana
2 dul
3 set
4 net
5 다섯 daseot
6 여섯 yeoseot
7 일곱 ilgop
8 여덟 yeodeol
9 아홉 ahop
10 yeol
11 열하나 yeol-hana
12 열둘 yeol-dul
13 열셋 yeol-set
14 열넷 yeol-net
15 열다섯 yeol-daseot
16 열여섯 yeol-yeoseot
17 열일곱 yeol-ilgop
18 열여덟 yeol-yeodeol
19 열아홉 yeol-ahop
20 스물 seumul
30 서른 seoreun
40 마흔 maheun
50 swin
60 예순 yesun
70 일흔 ilheun
80 여든 yeodeun
90 아흔 aheun
100 (rarely used) on
1000 (rarely used) 즈믄 jeumeun
10.000 (rarely used) gol
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