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Colors in Korean

Learn how to say color names in Korean

Here we will share basic color names in Korean, that you will need in a daily life. This section will be a second part of our “Daily Korean Vocabulary“, which we had started with basic verbs.
This list will also be shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts – 1 word per day), so you can learn new Korean words and update your vocabulary every day!

Korean Romanization Meaning
1 초록색 cho-rok-saek Green
2 파란색 pa-ran-saek Blue
3 빨간색 ppal-gan-saek Red
4 노란색 no-ran-saek Yellow
5 주황색 ju-hwang-saek Orange
6 금색 geum-saek Gold
7 분홍색 bun-hong-saek Pink
8 보라색 bo-ra-saek Purple
9 하얀색 ha-yan-saek White
10 은색 eun-saek Silver
11 갈색 gal-saek Light Brown
12 밤색 bam-saek Brown
13 회색 hoe-saek Gray
14 검정색 geom-jeong-saek Black
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