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Directions in Korean

Learn how to say directions in Korean

Here we will share the main directions in Korean, that you might need in a daily life. This section will be a third part of our “Daily Korean Vocabulary“, which we had started with basic verbs.
This list will also be shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts – 1 word per day), so you can learn new Korean words and update your vocabulary every day!

Korean Romanization Meaning
1 북쪽 buk-jjok North
2 북동쪽 buk-dong-jjok North East
3 북서쪽 buk-seo-jjok North West
4 서쪽 seo-jjok West
5 동쪽 dong-jjok East
6 남쪽 nam-jjok South
7 남서쪽 nam-seo-jjok South West
8 남동쪽 nam-dong-jjok South East
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