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Learn Korean

Welcome to your Korean learning guide!
We will publish Korean language lessons, vocabulary ant tips continuesly.
Good luck studying Korean!

  1. Korean characters – Hangul
  2. Structure of Korean syllables
  3. Korean Syllables table
  4. Sino Korean Numbers
  5. Native Korean Numbers
  6. Korean daily vocabulary – Basic Korean verbs
  7. Learn how to say color names in Korean
  8. Learn how to say directions in Korean
  9. Learn how to say months in Korean
  10. Our Korean learning apps for Android devices
  11. Our Korean learning games (HTML version, for any device)

Also do not forget to check out our facebook and instagram profiles, where new Korean words and other Korean learning updates will be added daily.

And the best part is – our Korean learning app for Android. “Easy Korean” app was designed using a special learning method, which will make it very easy for users to learn Korean.

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